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South Asian Libraries Conference (SALC2015) 

The Chief Guest of the Opening Ceremony
Chief Minister , Mian Shahbaz Sharif
October 12 , 2015

Dear Colleagues, I am pleased to share that Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif will inaugurate the South Asian Libraries Conference on 12 October 2015 at LUMS. He will also address the participants. Alhamdulilah this is what we targeted to bring political and academic leadership, users, system analysts and librarians across South Asia together discuss the current and forthcoming issues and make decisions to take our region at par with the developed world. We feel humbled and honoured.
Muhammad Ramzan, PhD
President, Pakistan Library Association (Punjab) Chair, South Asian Libraries Conference 2015


Messages for Conference
October 12-13 , 2015


Prof. Dr. Forest Woody Horton, Jr UNESCO Expert

Information Literacy is a concept that librarians, of all the professional fields, know the most about because finding information people need to solve their problems is the essence of librarianship. Therefore, the South Asian Libraries Conference on “Journey through print to digital information & beyond” will be helpful to all participants so they can sharpen their skills in this indispensable field for the Information Age.

Dr. Forest Woody Horton Jr.
UNESCO Expert,
Washington DC, USA

Dr Iqbal Singh Brar, President, Punjab Library Association (PLA), India

I feel highly privileged and honored to congratulate the Pakistan Library Association (Punjab) for organizing the South Asian Libraries two-day conference on the theme “Journey through Print to Digital Information and Beyond” at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. Such conferences act as a torchbearer for many of the libraries that are still relying on traditional way of disseminating their contents and knowledge. These events pave a way to digital world in library scenario which is the need of the hour. This conference, in my opinion, is highly commendable effort of the Pakistan Library Association. Timely and affordable sharing of knowledge among users is the first and foremost commitment for any library without which all other activities of any library are inadequate. Therefore, this conference makes sense in today’s world and motivates me to take an active part in it. I personally feel such type of conferences should be organized on regular basis till we achieve our goal of seamless flow of information in real-time and at a low cost. The title of the conference itself is a testimony of the vision of the conference organizers. Hence, I congratulate the organizers and the whole team for this timely and valuable initiative. Indeed, I am profoundly excited about the conference and am eagerly looking forward to join you on 10 October 2015. In sha Allah, see you soon


Dr. Ashu Shokeen,  President, Indian Library Association (ILA),
President, Regional Federation of South Asian Associations (REFSALA),
Prof. Dept. of Library & Information Science,   Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra, India

It gives me immense pleasure that Pakistan Library Association (Punjab  Branch) has taken the initiative to organize two-day South Asians Libraries Conference from 12-13, October 2015 at Lahore University of  Management Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. The theme of the SALC-2015 Conference “Journey Through Print to Digital Information and Beyond” is indeed very appropriate in the digital information and the Internet driven age where information resources and services are available online in the digital format. Of course, users are turning into virtual communities with the emergence of mass market devices, such as e-book readers and multipurpose tablets. LIS professionals who are facing new threats, challenges and opportunities are often questioned, “where do they stand in this scenario?” when the information seeker prefers to get information in digital format on their desktop and mobile devices. The main challenge for the LIS professionals is how to create a relative balance between print and digital resources? This transition from print to electronic format requires LIS professionals to accept the challenge of change and understanding its consequences for managing information, knowledge, technological and financial resources. I hope this international conference will provide a platform to LIS professionals to envision and redefine their role in the e-learning environment. I take this opportunity to congratulate the President, Secretary and Council Members of Pakistan Library Association (Punjab Branch) for organizing this centenary conference. I wish this conference tremendous success.


 Prof Dr Jagtar Sinagh President, Indian Association of Teachers of Library and Information Science (IATLIS)

Since 1915, when Mr. Asa Don Dickinson organized the first library training class at Punjab University Lahore, the world of knowledge has become unmanageable and we are witnessing an assimilation deficit. There are many gaps and divides between and within the info-rich and info-poor, elite and non-elite institutions, as well as the developed and developing nations. Efforts are being made to eliminate these gaps and bridge these divides. These changes are taking place at philosophical and technological level. Open source movement and the Internet are the visible manifestations of our innovations to reduce the info-stress and techno-stress of the bewildered and overwhelmed information seekers and end-users. Knowledge organization and information management, in fact, is not a destination rather it is a journey. In Punjab, it started formally with the efforts of Mr. Asa Don Dickinson. I am delighted to see that this journey still continuing. But I want to underline the fact that skin deep changes at nomenclature level won't lead us anywhere. Eastern meadows must not become a dumping ground for the Western rubbish. The changes must be at DNA level to bring delight on the faces of the overwhelmed end-users,

I am pleased to know that the Pakistan Library Association (Punjab Branch) is organizing a two-day South Asian Libraries Conference (SALC-2015) from 12-13 October 2015, at the Lahore University of Management Sciences in the historical city of Lahore, Pakistan. I sincerely hope that the theme of the conference, “journey through print to digital information and beyond” will sensitize all the stakeholders about our professional relics and harbingers to come out with some useful recommendations to transform the LIS education and libraries in this region. We shall also contribute our genuine share to this conference. I am very happy to share with you that this event will be followed by another conference being jointly organized by IATLIS, UNESCO MILID University Network, AC Joshi Library, Panjab University, Chandigarh, Panjab Library Association (PLA), SATKAL, and the Pakistan Library Association (Punjab Branch) from 20-21 November 2015 at Panjab University, Chandigarh. All of you are invited to participate in this conference in large numbers. Let me place on record that I am very excited to participate in the SALC-2015 at Lahore and take this opportunity to congratulate the organizers for conceiving and hosting this conference. The theme of the conference is relevant and the Lahore hospitality is excellent.

I wish grand success to SALC-2015.




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