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Editorial: PLA Journal Revival

Pakistan Library Association (PLA) assigned the responsibility to undersigned to revive its annual Journal after a long time of almost two decades. It was 1996-97 when last issue of the journal was published and it was ceased since then. It gives me immense pleasure to share that the journal has been revived successfully after getting through quite a number of hard things. We have made efforts to take on board highly learned indigenous personnel along with renowned professionals from abroad. These people include very seasoned and experienced ones accompanied by emerging scholars, academicians and researchers. The 2013 issue (21) of the journal is in your hands or on your screen. The issue of 2014 will be published during next months. We have adopted the process of blind peer reviewing. So far, we are getting the papers be reviewed by indigenous peers and it will be expanded and reviewers from abroad would also be included in the next issues of the journal.

In the rapidly changing global scenario, the role-played by the today’s Library & Information Science (LIS) professionals can, in no way, be overruled. Towards this end, PLA Journal has taken up the opportunity to recognize the research efforts of Pakistani LIS professionals. At the other hand, Library & Information Science education has marked history of development in the last one decade, which, ultimately resulted in producing quality research work. Vision of LIS professionals has broadened and master degree is now considered as a transition degree towards higher studies. The credit goes to Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and library school of prestigious Punjab University, who led the others from front, starting first formal M. Phil leading to PhD program in Pakistan in the field of LIS. Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood and Professor Dr. Kanwal Ameen are the ones who contributed enormously in this context. This paradigm shift not only enhanced academics but also contributed to expand the horizon of quality research work in the field of Library & Information Sciences in Pakistan.

Pakistan Library Association is striving hard to extend all possibilities for the true acknowledgement of academic and research activities in Pakistan. We believe that the publication series of PLA Journal is a step towards achieving the overall objectives of PLA by recognizing the research activities of LIS professionals in Pakistan.span>
Researchers are now constantly looking for impact factor journals and the vision of PLA journal team is to make a way forward of making it an Impact Factor journal. We know it is long way to achieve this objective, but we are committed to get it done. We also hope that articles in this issue would prove beneficial for future research and planning activities in the realm of Library & Information Science in the developing countries.
Any suggestions and queries to upgrade the journal of us all are warmly welcomed and highly appreciated.

Haroon Idrees, PhD
Chief Editor
PLA Journal

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